Our Vision

Inspiring Children to love and embrace the Arabic language!

We envision a world where children not only value the Arabic language but also ‎recognize the significance of embracing our mother tongue. By giving our children ‎the chance to dive deeper into our culture, understand our modes of ‎communication, explore our culinary traditions, and grasp everyday phrases for ‎effective conversation, we empower them to enhance their conversational skills.

Through our interactive and innovative teaching methods, we aim to ignite a ‎profound passion for the Arabic language, nurturing lifelong learners and ‎facilitating global connections. Together, we are building a brighter future, one in ‎which the love for Arabic becomes a bridge that connects diverse cultures and ‎fosters mutual understanding.‎

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About MiniChats‎

Together, we chat in Arabic!‎

Whether your child comes from an Arab-speaking, bilingual, or non-native-speaking ‎family, we tailor a personalized educational program for them. Through these ‎programs, we take into account their age and individuality, creating enjoyable ‎activities that align with their unique personalities and interests. Our aim is to ‎guide children in applying what they learn at home, ensuring their linguistic ‎development.

We also provide parents with valuable guidance on how to support ‎their child's language journey at home.‎

Our specially designed live online classes are conducted in a one-to-one setting and ‎are catered to inquisitive young minds aged 3 to 9.

We blend the essentials of ‎modern Arabic language with engaging interactive activities such as music, art, ‎cooking, and science. This creates a stimulating journey where knowledge and ‎laughter go hand in hand.‎ Parents have the flexibility to choose whether they want their children to focus ‎on acquiring modern conversational skills, dive into the basics of classical Arabic, ‎including reading and writing the alphabet, or both.

Join us as we embark on this ‎magical language adventure together!‎

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MiniChats, the ultimate online Arabic language adventure for young language ‎enthusiasts.

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