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Introducing Our Visionary CEO and Founder: Woroud Awad

Igniting the Joy of Arabic Learning!

Greetings! Prepare for an extraordinary Arabic learning voyage, led by our remarkable CEO and Founder.

As a devoted mother of two and a seasoned educator with 15 years of experience, she possesses the precise recipe for making language learning an absolute delight for children. But that's not all – she's also a passionate advocate of languages, with a vision to spread the enchantment of Arabic to the farthest corners of the globe!

Her boundless creativity is evident in our interactive online classes, where language seamlessly melds with the realms of cooking, science, and the arts, crafting the most imaginative learning experiences.

But there's even more! Beyond language acquisition, she places profound emphasis on your child's happiness and well-being throughout this expedition. Our CEO is wholeheartedly committed to forging a nurturing and encouraging environment where children can truly thrive.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we explore the wonders of Arabic together! With our fearless leader at the helm, your child will not only master Arabic but also revel in the entire process!

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MiniChats, the ultimate online Arabic language adventure for young language ‎enthusiasts.

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