Online programs for the younger minds‎

‎We provide captivating and interactive one-to-one learning sessions tailored for young ‎learners aged 3 to 9. Our curriculum is designed to cater to various age groups, ‎including those who may encounter language expression challenges or come from ‎bilingual households. Our 45-minute sessions, conducted twice a week, strike the ‎perfect balance between education and enjoyment. With regular enrollment, your ‎child can experience a seamless learning journey, making steady progress.‎

‎To ensure the best fit for your child, we highly recommend scheduling a free trial ‎session. This way, you can introduce your child to our teaching approach and gain a ‎deeper understanding of their specific language needs. It allows us to determine ‎the most suitable program for their age and individual requirements.‎

Private face-to-face sessions‎

‎Our in-person Arabic language classes offer a dynamic, hands-on learning ‎environment, set within a playground or educational facility. During engaging two to ‎three-hour sessions, children actively participate in real and lively activities, ‎making the process of learning Arabic both fun and interactive. This unique ‎approach not only equips young learners with language skills but also fosters a ‎deeper appreciation for the rich cultural aspects intertwined with the Arabic ‎language.‎

‎In our dynamic environment, every child's learning experience becomes immensely ‎enjoyable, and their innate love for learning is nurtured. Through this method, we ‎aim to make language acquisition an exciting and enriching journey for all ‎participants.‎

Summer and winter camps‎

At our camps, we offer a unique and holistic approach that not only introduces new ‎language content but also nurtures conversational skills and lays a strong ‎foundation in the Arabic language. Children are fully immersed in the captivating ‎world of the Arabic language and culture through a variety of exciting activities, ‎such as physical games, culinary adventures, scientific experiments, creative arts, ‎and interactive worksheets.‎

Our primary objective is to enhance their conversational abilities while ‎simultaneously instilling the fundamentals of the language, including reading short ‎words and expanding their vocabulary. To ensure effective learning, our campers ‎are grouped according to their Arabic language proficiency levels, providing ‎tailored instruction and challenges.‎

We can guarantee that your child will have a wonderful and enriching experience ‎with us, where they will not only have fun but also gain a deep appreciation for the ‎beauty of the Arabic language. Our camps are designed to be a holistic and ‎immersive journey that combines language acquisition with cultural enrichment and ‎unforgettable memories.‎‎

MiniChats, the ultimate online Arabic language adventure for young language ‎enthusiasts.

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